Wake Forest to Add Hot Chocolate & Panini Truck for Police and Fire Departments

Recently we made a casual suggestion in this story that maybe on cold, dark, and rainy nights the Wake Forest firefighters and police officers could really benefit from some free hot chocolate while on the scene. And of course the media as well.

Well the suggestion picked up some steam and plans are now in place to spend $631,982 for a new Wake Forest Emergency Food Tuck to accompany both the Wake Forest Police and Wake Forest Fire Department on calls. In case of simultaneous calls a dispatcher will decide who gets it with a coin toss.

Initial Design of Wake Forest Emergency Food Truck
Initial Design of Wake Forest Emergency Food Truck

Victims of accidents, incidents and fires will be eligible for free hot chocolate and panini’s as well. Just a kind gesture from the Town of Wake Forest.

Of course accident victims will have to be first assessed by EMS before getting their free treat.

Off the record sources tell us the choice of what food to serve was actually a toss up between the panini and the traditional English pasty.

Ultimately the choice of warm food was decided with a taste test of blind people. But then someone informed the panel you are not supposed to taste blind people but taste the food blind. After a round of “oh crap”, apologies, non-disclosure agreements, and settlement checks it was then decided that the panini was the perfect on-scene savory morsel to feed chilly police officers and hungry firefighters.

You see a panini is both warm and easy to hold without one of those limp and floppy paper plates. Both police officers and firefighters can put their panini in their jacket pockets and pull them out when they are hungry.

As an additional bonus, firefighters would be able to warm theirs up at house fires by carrying them inside wrapped in foil. It’s a bit like cooking fish on your car manifold.

A Wake Forest Public Service Panini is both tasty and easy to hold while writing citations.
A Wake Forest Public Service panini is both tasty and easy to hold while writing citations.

The preliminary menu will feature:

  • Pulled Pork Panini
  • Fried Bologna Panini
  • Pimento Cheese Panini
  • Lobster Roll Panini
  • Cheerwine Panini (A little soggy but still good.)
  • Red Wine-Braised Flank Steak with Roasted Peppers, Onions & Gruyere Panini
  • Grilled Duck Breast Club Panini

Condiments will be available, including Duke’s mayonnaise and a full range of lip, face, gum, and cheek smacking sauces. Hot sauces to burn any orifice will be available on demand.

Hot chocolate will be served both with and without marshmallows and the following flavors will be available:

  • Peppermint
  • Salted Caramel
  • Jack Daniels
  • Cheerwine
  • Bud and Bud Light
  • Coffee
  • Oolong Tea
  • Lamb

Both HD television and WiFi will be available when the truck is on scene. The WiFi was our suggestion so we could do something while the departments picked stuff up or put stuff down. The HD television monitors are for the police officers who have to hang around directing traffic. It can get pretty boring at times.

Wake Forest Police Department detectives will also be able to use the truck on long stakeouts and tense standoffs. Don’t worry, nobody will notice it parked across the street. But think about this, nothing draws out a suspect like a free hot chocolate and panini. Right?

There is a valid concern the new food truck will make the Wake Forest SWAT truck obsolete. But the SWAT truck is so valuable we might be able to trade it to Rolesville, Youngsville, Louisburg, Creedmor, or Franklinton for something else really cool. Think hot tubs for officers.

Wake Forest public service organizations continue to be cutting edge and extremely professional departments. Both the police and fire departments need the best tools and gear to get the job done to the highest level possible, and that includes warm food and hot drinks as well during those nasty and officially yucky nights.

Besides, a little hot chocolate might help us to stop taking pictures like this when we are wet and cold. Photojournalism at its finest.

Another Quality Wake Forest News On Scene Photo.
Another quality Wake Forest News on-scene photo that would have been a lot better with some hot chocolate. Just sayin’.

Coffee will be available from the Wake Forest Coffee Company in both five and ten gallon buckets and may be purchased by all citizens at the scene. Decaf will only be available as an Americano.

Police officers will be able to warm their hot drinks using their tasers and fire personnel can finally use those defibrillators they carry to bring that rapidly cooling beverage back to a suitable hot level.

The initial intention is to swap the menu during the warm months to something in a slushy or milk shake menu for drinks and maybe some fresh al fresco salads for a healthy alternative. At the time of this article a final determination had not been made by the Town of Wake Forest.

Both firefighters and police officers we spoke to for this story said they would be “pleasantly pleased for such a gracious and courteous consideration of their difficult work” while on scene in inclement weather. They actually said “F&*# Yea!” but we translated it through our administrative filter into citizen. See the screen capture below to confirm the translation.

Police Officer and Firefighter Translator
Police Officer and Firefighter Administration Translator

When asked if Wake County EMS would be eligible for the free stuff from the truck the decision was made along business lines. Since Wake County EMS gets free goodies when they get to the hospital and they have their own budget it was decided they can pay for their own food. But we love them anyway.

In the spirit of cooperation, free to go boxes will be provided by Wake Forest Emergency Food Truck 1 for EMS since they are always in such a hurry to leave for the hospital before things get wrapped up at the scene.

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