Wake Forest Mayor Lit at Christmas Tree Party

On Friday (December 6, 2013) Mayor Vivian Jones was caught at the Town holiday celebration where both town folk, happy kids, a whole load of children with too much energy, and picture taking parents gathered for the annual lighting of the giant Wake Forest Christmas tree erection.

Wake Forest residents scan the sky for Santa.
Wake Forest residents scan the sky for Santa.

Somewhere in the crowd, kids were being handed glow in the dark bands which entertained them tremendously while the ceremony unfolded. One child above even tried to use hers to try and see into the future.

In anticipation of the events to come the area was prepared. Apparently an extra large Santa was anticipated this year and the microphone was set at twice the height of Mayor Jones who would inevitably speak.

Wake Forest Crowd Awaits Holiday Giant
Wake Forest crowd awaits holiday giant

Expecting the arrival of the merry arctic hermit the lobby of Town Hall was plastered with more Christmas trees and a chair where the Kris Kringle dude could rest his feet and have his photo taken with lots of excited children, and maybe a tipsy parent or two.

Wake Forest Town Hall lobby is Santa ready
Wake Forest Town Hall Santa ready lobby

As people looked on in amazement, what appeared to be a scene from an early Harry Potter movie unfolded as a couple of kids (lower right) used their magic glowing wands to power the tree when Mayor Jones counted down and demanded the illumination to begin.

Kids provide magic power to Wake Forest Christmas Tree
Kids provide magic power to Wake Forest Christmas Tree

One unlucky child was unable to participate as his magic glow thing was unexpectedly stuck on his face, trapped by his nose and ear, lower left.

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