Blue Canadian Santa Will Make You Happy. Watch Now.

These videos just made our heart sing today and we wanted to share them with you. You need to get through the talking to Santa part to discover the magic bits.

WestJet, a Canadian airline, wound up making us tear up this AM. We bet those damn Canadians will bring a tear to your eye as well with their WestJet holiday video.

Not quite sure why Santa is wearing a blue suit but hey, maybe it’s a WestJet branding thing or maybe those folks up in the great white north just want to be different. Who falls for a blue Santa? Yes, apparently the folks at an airport in Canada do.

Lesson learned from this, next time you are in Canada around the holidays, fly WestJet.

And if you like to Santa video above, you’ll enjoy the blooper reel.


This is not a Santa video but it is actually more of a “we want this in Wake Forest.” But if you are a kid at heart, like we are, you’ll love it as well.

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