Wake Forest Boy Got Some Splaining to Do

Thankfully 12-year-old Chris Collins was located early this morning after he wandered off around 8:30 PM from a recital at the Wake Forest Renaissance Center last night.

Official reports listed his ADHD as a contributing factor in his disappearance. The parking lot at the Wake Forest Renaissance Center is well lit at night and it does make it easier to see a squirrel at 50 feet. Those of us with ADHD are easily distracted by….

Readers told us of helicopters searching above the Town after midnight as Wake Forest Police, Wake Forest Fire Department, Wake EMS, and Wake County Sheriff’s Office searched for the lad. A big hat tip to the North Carolina Highway Patrol for sending in the helicopter. Still, the Highway Patrol could have flown in some of that good Chinese food from down in Raleigh when they came. Just sayin’.

Thankfully the story has a happy ending. Chris was found after he wandered back to the Wake Forest Renaissance Center to be reunited with his very worried family and a bunch of cold cops and firefighters who search valiantly for him.

But we sure bet those cold emergency responders would have loved that hot chocolate and panini truck we suggested. Not such a crazy idea now, is it?

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