Nash County and Rocky Mount Home for Nut Jobs

When you think Nash County, North Carolina or Rocky Mount, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well if you are the international company Nutkao you think nut jobs.

Yes that’s right, Rock Mount is getting international nut jobs because nobody knows how to make the most of their nuts like folks in Rocky Mount, NC.

Nutkao is an I-tal-i-an company based near Turin, Italy. You know Turin, it’s that place the shroud is from. It reminds us of the shroud Rocky Mount has been under for the past decade or so.

The head nutters in Italy have decided to create 56 jobs in Rocky Mount that will pay an average of $35,790 plus benefits. That’s a lot just for a nut job. In some places we hear that nut jobs are available for as little as $20.

“Eastern North Carolina is letting loose the unlimited talent of their workforce because of companies like Nutkao USA,” said Gov. Pat McCrory. “We welcome Nutkao to Rocky Mount, and we look forward to having them as a strategic partner for North Carolina.”

Yea, cause nothing says Rocky Mount like nut jobs on the loose.

Davide Braida, President of Nutkao USA expressed their appreciation “The USA venture is a key step for Nutkao international development. We are happy to build our new manufacturing operation in Nash County where, thanks to the local authorities support, we have identified the ideal conditions to run our USA business.”

Apparently Braida realizes that Nash County is home to some of the nuttiest people around.

“Nutkao’s decision to locate its manufacturing plant in Nash County is yet another example of how North Carolina is on the radar of international companies,” said Governor Pat McCrory in a press statement.

No worries Governor, it’s on our radar as well, especially after dark.

North Carolina Commerece Secretary Sharon Decker said, “Eastern North Carolina’s heritage in manufacturing, robust talent pool and attractive quality of life will be a perfect fit for this growing company.” Nothing says attractive quality of life like Rocky Mount.

We are sure Rocky Mount is a damn fine place to live and with it’s declining property values it is certainly a very affordable as well.

Congratulations to all the Nash County folks to land a nut job or two. And for those from Italy who plan to relocate to Rocky Mount, we say, “Che cazzo stavi pensando?”

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