Wake Forest Hopes Santa Will Bring Grand Piano

In case you are wondering what to get Pamela Stevens at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, she’s looking for little something special under the tree this year.

Pamela has informed Santa (Bill Crabtree) that she would not kick a seven-foot-long Model B grand piano out of bed for eating crackers. The Wake Forest Renaissance Centre would appreciate it as a gift. And we were going to give a cheese log. We look like idiots now!

The Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, not to be confused with the Wake Forest Renaissance Center, is the premiere cultural destination for culture and performing arts in Wake Forest. And that’s just not going to happen without a really big piano.

According to Wake Forest Renaissance Centre Manager Pamela Stevens, a new grand piano costs upwards of $25,000. Damn!

Stevens says the center (why isn’t that centre?) is willing to accept a used grand piano that’s in good or excellent shape or even house one for an owner who doesn’t wish to sell it but no longer has room for it.

If you have a seven-foot-long Model B grand piano in excellent shape that is taking up space and you’d rather give it away than eBay it, you can reach Pamela at 919-435-9566.

Let’s hope if you make that call the Town will send over a truck to at least pick it up.

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