NC Judge Will Play Possum

A North Carolina judge isn’t going to stand in the way of the annual Brasstown, NC New Year’s event, the Possum Drop.

poster-2013-2013An NC permit was issued on Friday allowing for the capture, caging, and lowering of a possum on New Year’s eve. The cross-dressing Miss Possum 2014 will be crowned at the same time. We are not kidding.

The real question here appears to be what in the world makes sticking a possum in a cage and lowering the thing down to ring in the New Year a thing worth going to court for?

The event has a distinctively religious and patriotic overtone, and it this point, why not.

10:00 PM: The “Blessing” with the Brasstown Brigade
10:10 PM: Bring in the Guest of Honor -Possum Arrives!
10:30 PM: Barker Brother Gospel Tribute
10:45 PM: Possum Idol Sing Off
11:15 PM: Miss Possum Contest
11:45 PM: A Tribute to Our Service Men & Women

And this is followed by the grand event. The lowering of the possum or Opossum. Whatever you want to call the unlucky bastard who gets captured for the event.

Clay’s Corner is possum proud of their special event. If you visit at others times you can even find extra special goodies to purchase and take home.

We have a lot of opossum thangs and stuff like canned opossum run over here in front of Clay’s Corner by Mercer Scroggs…We even have the new Diet Lite for you over achievers at the supper table. There are T-shirts, bumper stickers, videos, coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, and Clay’s Corner Bubble Bath to keep ya clean. So, if you need something for that special someone who has it all, get him some of this stuff!…

According to the Clay’s Corner website, “The most exciting thing that we do in Brasstown, besides going to the John C. Campbell Folk School and dance with the pretty Danish girl, is “Lowering the Opossum on New Year’s Eve.” If New York can drop a “Ball”, Georgia can drop a “Peach”, then we can lower the Opossum.”

Now that’s the kind of logic you simply can’t argue with.

This all reminds us of that old Beastie Boys song, “You Got to Fight for Your Right to Possum.”

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