Goat Screaming – Two Minutes of Your Life You Wish You Wasted Sooner

It’s not often something comes along that makes us wonder why we had not just chucked responsibility and work obligations sooner to make watching this video a priority in our lives.

It was a mistake, we should have watched this a long time ago.

Now keep in mind the video is nothing but a couple of minutes of goats screaming like humans. Sounds silly. Is silly.

Just to prove how silly stupid this is we’ve still have tears leaking out from laughter after watching these videos.

If you need a much needed brain break from a tough day or just need to decompress for a moment at work, take your smartphone with you and duck out to the bathroom or stairway.

If you want to get a 1,000 bonus points we suggest you sit in a bathroom stall and turn the volume up to 11. Trust us, the audio part of the video will make people wonder what the hell is going on in that stall.

The audio part of these videos as it echoes off a tiled bathroom or work stairway would be priceless to hear. Let us know how it goes.

Bonus Video.

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