Wake Forest – Bring Out Your Dead

The Town of Wake Forest is again encouraging residents to make recycling a holiday tradition by bringing out your dead and dying, Christmas trees that is. It reminds us of the famous “Bring out your dead” part of a Monty Python movie, as shown above.

The town will collect and recycle old Christmas trees from residential homes according to its normal yard waste collection schedule. The trees will be ground into aromatic mulch and made available for free to residents upon request.

All Wake Forest residents whose yard waste is collected by the town may participate in the “Treecycling” program.

To recycle your Christmas tree, please remove all decorations, tinsel, nails, stands and bags from the tree and set it behind the curb for collection. However if you want to be decorative and not have your tree picked up, just leave it as is and stand it near the curb. Leaving presents under it would not be frowned upon by collection staff.

Residents are reminded that artificial trees cannot be recycled. Seriously, someone actually turned in an artificial tree.

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