Faster Cell Phone and Data Service Headed to Wake Forest for Some

Thanks to a tip from our friends over at Wake Forest Fiber we learned of an upgrade to cell phone service. The new equipment is being placed on top of the water tower downtown by Trevor and his crew from Alcatel-Lucent on behalf of Sprint.

The new equipment being installed now will bring 4G LTE service to Sprint mobile phone users in the Wake Forest area.

IMG_7475According to Sprint, the new LTE network is capable of upload speeds in the 1-3 MB per second range, download speeds in the 6-8 MB per second and burst rates of up to 25 MB per second.

For someone who pays for Time Warner cable and only uses it while at home for basic internet access the new Sprint upgrades might offer an economic advantage. Sprint offers an unlimited data plan for $50 a month for the first phone and they do have phones with hotspot capability so you could use the hotspot for your home wifi.

We’ve not tested the service and the new equipment has yet to be installed so we will have to wait and see what actual speeds are. The equipment is scheduled to be placed on top of the Water Tower in Town later in the week.

We were told that although the new equipment was being installed this week that it might still be several months before the equipment would go online for customer use.

But faster internet is good for both a happy life and an active business. Your internet can never be too fast, can it?

2 thoughts on “Faster Cell Phone and Data Service Headed to Wake Forest for Some”

  1. In no way will i ever trust Sprite.They beat our daughter out months of not been able to get her calls or made phone calls.She been with Sprite for at least 2 years.Paying a $100,00 or more a month.No you could help her.It was her home phone and personal use.Now she had to get another phone and final got better services.I for sure would not trust them with Internet service.

  2. you understand that sprite are a newly acquired network by softbank, and that their entire network is being stripped out 100% and all new equipment is going in. The same with the actual company, it’s being reworked from the bottom up. We have sprint and they have been sucking cause of the aging tower equipment everywhere we go. but I have personally used sprint with speeds up to 30mbps down and 10mbps up. If you’re in the downtown Wake Forest area, you are positioned to get the future of sprint which starts at 50mbps and will go all the way up to 2gbps over the air, in just a matter of a few more years. technology is changing drastically. my initiative fully supports what sprint are doing in wake forest, it’s a great service… and with unlimited LTE data… what’s not to love.

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