Did Jason Terrell Martin Die Because of Satan?

WARNING: This not our usual fun-loving upbeat story but it is one which we accidentally became involved with and wanted to follow to try to understand why this all happened.

On January 11, 2014 an unusual tragedy unfolded in north Raleigh which resulted in significant fire damage to a family home, a burned Catholic church, and the loss of a young man’s life. Twenty-year-old Jason Terrell Martin of 801 Carrington Drive in Raleigh, ended the night by taking his own life with a shotgun blast to the head and left more questions than answers.

This article is a follow-up to our previous articles here and here. Our investigation into this issue has persisted in an effort to try to unravel the reasoning behind the tragic events of that night to understand why it happened.

It’s quite possible that at this time we have all the basic facts were are going to uncover to help us at least have some context for what happened.

Some may feel the information we are about to share is potentially too dark and should not be shared publicly. But we believe it’s not information that hurts people but being wed to concrete beliefs which can lead to conflict and consternation. What we are about to share is purely information and not our beliefs.

Our Intrusion

For those that might feel this story is an intrusion on the Martin family, we understand your point of view and let us assure you this story and our investigation was never intended to be an intrusion into private matters. In fact we have not reported on anything we have learned from behind their closed doors. If all of this had happened behind closed doors, that’s where it would have remained.

The Martin’s have suffered a deep loss and we have respected their time of loss and not approached them. In fact we would like to apologize in advance if any of our articles have caused the Martin’s any pain at all. It was absolutely not our intention.

The actions of Jason were spread across a large area and involved many emergency responders, members of the public, and at least three different communities. Those actions left many questions and this article is simply meant to help all who were externally involved or impacted to at least have some possible explanation into what happened, in order to help them put this behind.

The Incidents

In the wee minutes after 2 AM on the 11th of January, Jason Martin allegedly set fire to his family home, took his sister, abandoned her at a local park, raced to a Catholic church, ran over a large statue of Jesus, crashed his vehicle into the church doors, exited the vehicle, went into the church, started a fire which destroyed the sanctuary and alter, walked out to the parking lot, and ended his life with a shotgun.

A simple apparent suicide would not linger demanding a longer follow-up story but this incident was anything but typical. And we admit to being perplexed by these events from the beginning as we responded to the church fire that night. When both dispatch calls went out that included fire departments we cover (Stony Hill and Wake Forest), we picked the church one to respond to and believe we happened to be the first member of the media to arrive.

As we said in the first story from the night of the incident, it “seemed like a scene straight out of a twisted mystery movie as we proceeded down NC 98 towards the church fire slightly before 3 AM through extremely thick fog, passing a cyclist in a trench coat walking their bike along the side of the road and a truck driving in circles. On our way back we even passed what looked like a DWI arrest.”

Frankly the only thing missing that night was a dwarf dancing backwards from an episode of Twin Peaks.

People we talked to since that night have had the same nagging question, why would the house of someone catch on fire and a church catch on fire about 12 minutes later and the events be connected? This was a puzzle and left people scratching their heads.

We truly feel for the family of young Jason Martin and if we could give them a hug, we would. A sister lost her brother and parents lost their son. There is no shortage of tragedy, pain and grief to be felt and shared. But can anything positive be learned from this event? Will we ever really know?

Perhaps the story of what led Jason Martin to this odd event began long before the early morning hours of January 11, 2014. And it is quite possible there were underlying issues that led to the eventual departing of Jason.

While we’ve never uncovered any evidence of mental health issues it would not be surprising to learn that Jason had struggled with some that might have led to an alleged hyperreligiosity that created an intensity in his beliefs to the point where he bought in so deeply he took fatal physical action, thinking he was doing the right thing. He was at the age where there is a pronounced onset of some of those conditions.

In the end it seems what eventually killed Jason was not the shotgun he used to end his life but possibly a strong rooted belief in an alternative point of view that many would not take the time to try to understand or comprehend. It’s quite easier to label Martin a nut job than it is to fully understand all of the events that led to his eventual end that day.

What follows is a look at facts, information, and opinions gathered in an effort to resolve this mystery, if that’s even possible. And frankly, there will never be any satisfactory answer for most people to explain why this young man is gone from us forever now. From our point of view it sure feels like a tragedy.

801 Carrington Drive, Raleigh in 2007.
801 Carrington Drive, Raleigh in 2007 when Jason was 13. Happier days?

Who was Jason Martin? It’s a question we previously asked the public for help with in hopes people would come forward to share a picture or story about Jason to better understand him. Many people visited our story looking for information. Few left responses.

When we wrote that story it was in an effort to hear some positive tales from friends or people who knew him. But the reality is we still don’t have a clue about who Jason really was and the lack of public presence, information or response makes it feel almost as if he never existed. One response though created an alleged dark story that we can’t disprove with verifiable facts.

The Facts

The family home at 801 Carrington Drive is owned by Ronald and Melanie L. Martin. It was purchased on October 10, 2002 when Jason was about 9-years-old. The Martin parents are thought to both be in their mid-50s. Jason has a 23-year-old sister, Lauren.

From what we’ve been able to learn, after setting fire to his home Jason took his sister and a shotgun and got into an SUV where he drove her from their family home at 801 Carrington Drive to nearby Baileywick Road Park (we have not independently verified the specific alleged park). She was said to have been left there by Jason. Maybe he did it out of love for her so she would not be left at the burning house or witness his final acts. We will never know.

The probable route Jason Martin took that ill-fated night.
The likely route Jason Martin took that ill fated night.

To make the 12 minute drive, Jason was probably in a hurry but it is possible to see how it could fit into the timeline. Luckily at 2 AM there was little traffic on the roads. Still it feels as if he must have driven the route quickly and did not linger along the way.

Undoubtedly the ride from the home to the park must have been an unbelievably scary experience for Jason’s sister. Thankfully he spared her.

The timeline as we’ve been able to piece things together paints a very chaotic picture on that foggy morning. And as you will learn it may have involved more than the usual chaos.


02:17 AM: 911 gets call from a concerned neighbor about 801 Carrington Drive house on fire. Caller reports the “fire is escalating quickly” and “covering the chimney.” The 911 call was pitch adjusted and partially redacted by the Wake Sheriff’s Office before release to us.

02:18 AM: Dispatch call goes out for the house fire. It gets dispatched to 10424 Whitestone Road which is across the street at 801 Carrington Drive. Bay Leaf and Durham Highway Fire Departments are initially dispatched. Bay Leaf Pumper 361, Bay Leaf Ladder 25, Bay Leaf Tanker 366, Bay Leaf Tanker 258, Durham Highway Pumper 1

02:19 AM: EMS 51 responds to fire as well.

02:20 AM: Wake Sheriff’s Office begins to dispatch deputies to assist Fire Departments.

02:23 AM: Bay Leaf Pumper 122 is added to call and a request is made for a Stony Hill Fire Department to respond as well.

02:25 AM: Wake Forest Engine 5 is dispatched to cover Bay Leaf Station 2.

02:25 AM: Bay Leaf establishes command at fire at 801 Carrington Drive.

02:26 AM: 911 gets a call from the alarm service about a fire alarm at St. Luke Catholic Church.

02:26 AM: On-scene fire command reports heavy fire showing at 801 Carrington Drive house fire.

Photo taken by citizen of early stages of fire.
Photo taken by citizen of early stages of fire around this time.

02:29 AM: Fire command reports water is hitting the 801 Carrington Drive fire with the deck gun.

02:29 AM: Fire dispatch call goes out for 12333 Bayleaf Church Road which is the location of St Luke’s Catholic Church. Units dispatched include Bay Leaf Pumper 251, Wake Forest Ladder 1.

02:34 AM: Voice on official radio channels announces that at St. Luke’s a “vehicle has crashed into the front door of the building and we’ve got a body laying in the parking lot.”

And according to the Wake Sheriff’s Office, “Firefighters found a vehicle had struck the front of church, and the building was on fire. They also found the body of a man in the church parking lot, whom authorities said was apparently the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

02:37 AM: More units are dispatched to St. Luke’s fire. Bay Leaf Rescue 36, Bay Leaf Tanker 257, Bay Leaf Tanker 157, Stony Hill Pumper 395, Wake Forest Engine 5.

02:35 AM: Firefighters at 801 Carrington Drive prepare to enter burning house to do a “primary search.”

02:37 AM: Firefighters are called out of 801 Carrington Drive house.

02:46 AM: Fire department states St. Luke’s fire is declared a crime scene.

02:52 AM: Someone makes a statement the subject from the 801 Carrington Drive house fire was “held at gunpoint by her brother.”

02:52 AM: Someone makes a statement the 801 Carrington Drive house fire was started by the brother with gasoline.

02:53 AM: The transport of a female from what is presumed to be Balieywick Road Park to 801 Carrington by a law enforcement officer is heard.

02:53 AM: It is reported “he drove the vehicle into the church and then asphyxiated himself in the parking lot.”

02:59 AM: Fire in sanctuary at church is reported as being under control.

03:05 AM: Fire in sanctuary is reported as being “completely out.”

03:09 AM: This was the scene at St. Luke’s when Wake Forest News arrived and took the picture below. In fact if you click on the picture to make it larger you can just see the back of the SUV sticking out of the doors of the church, just in front of the police car. We’ve been told his body was found in the median strip shown in the picture but the view is thankfully blocked.

Law enforcement closes down the scene of the Saint Luke Church fire as fire departments extinguish the blaze in the sanctuary.
Law enforcement closes down the scene of the Saint Luke Church fire as fire departments extinguish the blaze in the sanctuary.

WRAL Had Lingering Questions as Well

In a follow-up report by Sloane Heffernan at WRAL some additional facts were learned.

  • The day after the tragedy Father Rob Staley, the Pastor of St. Luke’s church allegedly met with Jason’s father.
  • Martin shot himself in the head.
  • Staley added that Martin’s family doesn’t go to the church and that he was unsure why it was targeted.

Potential Dark Side to the Loss of Jason

As we’ve continued our investigation, more than one person whispered of a dark side to this event and of disturbing findings. One of the only people who responded to our request for more information about Jason painted an unusual picture that is at least plausible or at the very least, eerily coincidental given the independently ascertained facts above. We received no other information that provided any alternative theory.

A source sent us the following statement and we are sharing it as is and you can determine if you believe the information or not.

What We Received

“I don’t anything about him other than he was on a forum that I go on. I’m not even 100% sure this is the same guy, but many things add up. I noticed the thread that said “Farewell Disciples” on January [6]. I noticed it was PathofGnosis [redacted]. I quickly searched the internet for suicides in North Carolina to see if there were any in the past few days.”

Farewell Disciples
“It has been a great honor to have been part of this group and an even greater honor to have had the discussions with those on here pertaining to various matters. As I come to my last days I will be cutting communications off, so this will be my last login and post. I hope Watain and those who stand beside their cause continue to create foundations for the return of Satan and the chaotic waters that follow him, and I pray that Satan continues to illuminate those with the burning black flame.

Good bye.”


“This story about Jason Terrell Martin instantly stuck out due to a few things:

a) The nature of the events were anti-christian. This thread is part of a forum for the fan club of a band (that I will not name) that are chaos-gnostics. Naturally, they are very anti-christian.

b) The date, the 11th, is very significant. It is symbolic of the 11 gods of darkness who when combined form Azerate, the name of the 11 gods unified as one.

c) The time the events took place. In the story, it says that the events started around 2:20. In my opinion, it probably really started at precisely 2:18. 218 is another significant number in this set of beliefs. It, like 11, is symbolic of Azerate. Azerate, when using hebrew gematria, is equivalent to the number 218. 218 is also equal to 11 when you add the three numbers together.

He is not the first one with this set of beliefs to commit suicide in the name of Satan/Azerate. Jon Nödtveidt, the guitarist of a Swedish band called Dissection, committed suicide in 2006, probably for the same reason.

They view death as liberation. I won’t go deep into the belief as it involves a lot of philosophy, but know that he probably did it with joy, not sadness. Let his family know that he wasn’t sad, depressed, or sorrowful. He did this as a final act of liberation, at least in his eyes. I do not want to be contacted. I want to remain completely anonymous, but I did want to get this information out. I will paste links to various topics I discussed…

Jon Nödtveidt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Nödtveidt
Azerate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_of_the_Black_Light

Again, I don’t want to get involved other than providing you with the info presented here. I know nothing about him. Hell, I’m not even sure if it’s the same guy. I just wanted to make sure that if this is him that this information was revealed. I wish his family the best and hope they see that he thought this was best for him.”

We have searched for the site the screenshot above is from. It is quite possible it is not accessible by search engines or blocked. But after looking through hundreds of death metal sites to find it we believe we have found the site it came from.

However, we were unable to read the other 71 posts of PathofGnosis and see if they might be able to shed light to confirm if it was indeed Jason Martin or not. If someone who reads this is a member of that site we would be most appreciative if you could use the form at the bottom of this story to share screenshots of the other posts with us.

Coincidence or Fact?

There are several interesting facts about the event which lend some credence to the tipster story.

The first is the date and approximate time of the fire. In researching the beliefs above the number 11 and 218 is indeed an important part of the beliefs. For more on this read this translated article from Wikipedia.

We do have some additional information that we are not disclosing that appears to support Jason was troubled. If the forum post was made by Jason at least when it was posted it was well written and expressed a focused point of view

There is the fact Jason intentionally drove over the outdoor statue of Jesus which was visible from the road, broke into the church, exited the vehicle and intentionally set fire to the sanctuary which was through another set of interior doors about 15 or 20 feet from the front door. These actions were not accidental but appear to be intentional and willful.

St. Luke's statue which was visible from Bayleaf Church Road.
St. Luke’s statue of Jesus which was visible from Bayleaf Church Road.

It’s not until you see the path he could have driven to realize his focused intent at the church. This certainly does not appear to be a haphazard route.

Slightly oblique aerial view so you can see the statue of Jesus.
Slightly oblique aerial view so you can see the statute of Jesus.
Overhead view of probable path of SUV.
Overhead view of possible path of SUV as demonstrated my tire tracks.



And he didn’t strike just any part of the church but targeted the front door and took aim at a spot that would give him access.

Temporary wood covering damaged door.
Temporary wood covering damaged door.


So What Do We Really Know?

Admittedly there are still a number of unknown facts. Some of those technical facts will be learned once more of the official reports are released over time as the active investigations end. But it is doubtful we will learn much more from those to help explain Jason’s thought process or background as to why Jason Martin decided to carry out this chain of actions.

We already know a number of verifiable facts though about the events in the early morning hours of January 11, 2014. And we undisputedly know Jason Martin is said to have taken his own life with a shotgun blast in the parking lot of St. Luke’s church on Bayleaf Church Road.

We also know Martin passed other churches to go to the one with the outdoor statue of Jesus and mow it down. We also know Martin thankfully spared his sister by dropping her off at a park along the way.

What is clear is that Jason Martin had a desire to carry out the actions of that night and appears to have had a plan which he intentionally executed.

If Jason is the person who made the forum posts it appears the poster had a deep belief in whatever the rules of that “religion” or belief system are. While many may find the possibility Martin may have been engaged in such beliefs to be out of the norm it does not mean he did not buy into them and feel, for him, they resonated with whatever was going thorough his mind.

Many of us may certainly have a negative or visceral reaction to the events of that night but in the end, all we can use to defend against his actions is our own personal set of beliefs. Was it wrong for us but right for him? It comes down to two competing beliefs in what ultimate truth is and for us the sad end of the story is that he is gone.

Do You Have More Information to Add?

We’d still like to know more about Jason and it you can help fill in any missing gaps, please contact using the form below.

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