Capital Blvd, Being Sassy and a DWI Don’t Mix – Wake Forest Police Blotter


This report covers January 10 to 12 (Friday to Sunday), 2014. Otherwise known as the dumb ass weekend report. Last weekend was relatively quiet unless you were driving on or near Capital Blvd, 40 years-old and impaired. We can think of at least four people last weekend who thought a DWI arrest would never happen to them.

Check the arrest section below to find out more about this weekends winners of the grand prize. That is if the grand prize was a free ride to the Wake County Jail.


The following information is from law enforcement sources. All information posted to the Wake Forest News site is data gathered from public sources and is subject to change without notice. The information is provided without warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to the quality, content, accuracy, completeness, currency, information, text, graphics, images, or other materials and items contained in or displayed on this site. All such items and materials are provided on an “as is” basis and the user is fully and solely responsible for the use of those items and materials and for any results or consequences of such use. Information is subject to change as case investigation proceeds. Individuals arrested on the basis of probable cause have not been charged.

Keep in mind the crime rate in Wake Forest is very, very low. Don’t let the fact some people got into trouble, freak you out. Arrested does not equal convicted. All individuals arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Wake Forest Crime Map

January 10-12, 2014 Crime Map


  • On January 11 at 4:08 AM a 40 year-old males salesman was arrested for misdemeanor DWI. Looks like the police used the one call close sales technique on this one.
    Michael Cooper DWI

  • On January 11 at 4:39 AM a 40 year-old woman was arrested for driving while impaired, resisting public officers, and unsuccessfully trying to flee or elude arrest. [We added the unsuccessful bit.] Wow, that sweater makes her head look way too small.
    Tiffanie Walker DWI

  • Still on January 11, but now at 4:46 AM a 40 woman from Henderson was charged with DWI Level 5, whatever that is. We think this sassy women wins the award for best Wake Forest mug shot for the weekend. What in the world do we know but it just seems that an arms crossed pissed face mug shot is not the best strategy. Just sayin’.
    Devita Alston

  • Now on to January 12. Riddle me this, it’s 2:12 AM on Capital Blvd near Burlington Mills Road and you are a 43 year-old female in a 2012 Jeep Patriot, what are you doing? If you said getting arrested for DWI, you’d be right.
    Yolanda Speed

  • January 12 at 10:12 AM one 34 year-old male was caught for shoplifting at Walmart. It must be a nonstop line of shoplifters headed out of there. It seems at least four times a week someone is getting busted for larceny at Walmart. Seriously people, any chance of holding up on that? The man was issued a citation and released. Wonder if he immediately went back in for round two?
  • January 12 at 10:09 a 27 year-old male from Louisburg was arrested for failing to appear on a previous count of driving on a revoked license. What do you think his shirt said? Post your guess in the comments below.
    Tyrone Campbell

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  1. Who is the snarky dolt who wrote this 'article', and posted pics of people arrested?
    For the ones who are acquitted… should we expect to see a future article here outlining their acquittal, with an apology for posting their arrest picture with snarky & asinine commentary?

    I'm thinking that the 'dumbass' here, is the article writer… just sayin'…

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