Quick – Buy Bread and Milk. Snow is Coming to Wake Forest.

For those of us that are transplants from anyplace fours hours north the mention of snow in the Wake Forest area sets off a wave of panic that we find curious.

Well the forecast for tonight stands as:

Intermittent snow showers and windy this evening. Breaks in the overcast later. Low 17F. Winds NNW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of snow 40%. Snowfall around one inch.

It’s Time to Panic!

But have no fear. The Town of Wake Forest is fully prepared for whatever may fall from the sky, unless it is space junk.

Wake Forest has 28 tons of sand/salt mix supply available, if needed, along with an additional 175 tons of pure salt. Hey buddy, want to do some pure salt?

Also, the town has six plows available to clear Wake Forest’s 78 miles of roads. (78/6 = 13 miles per plow.)

The town is reminding residents to call 919-554-6724 for storm-related, non-emergency issues, such as power outages and downed trees and power lines. Please do not call 911 unless there is an emergency posing an immediate threat to life, health, or property.

That does not mean you should call if you are out of bread, toilet paper, or milk. Join the rest of your friends and clear the shelves at the grocery stores early. You’ll feel better.

The Town says, “Whenever residents encounter trees downed during storms on roads, sidewalks or other public areas, they should always contact the town rather than trying to handle them on their own. In addition to being heavy and difficult to manage, trees and limbs often come into contact with dangerous, live electrical wires which can cause serious injury or death.” Do we really need to be warned about this? Well sadly, yes. Call Wake Forest Power at 919-554-6724.

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  1. The above is a good portrayal of me if I didn’t have bread & milk, the power went out & my 10 year old is hungry. We could eat a few days on goold old PBJ’s & cereal. Just need to put the milk on the back porch to keep it cold. Or we could run over to The Border for breakfast. We did that one time when the ice took over & we lost power.

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