Fishing Without a License and Weed Busts Top List – Wake Forest Police Blotter


It’s been an eventful bunch of days since our last update. The most notable arrest was for fishing without a license. There were a bunch of pot busts, the standard Walmart shoplifting charges and then some miscellaneous stupid stuff. DWI arrests are down but weed citations are up.

Wake Forest PD should just open a substation at Walmart. It would save them a lot of time since they make so many shoplifting busts there. Oh yes, and this week we can’t forget the parking lot drug citation as well.

This report is for January 17 to January 21, 2014.


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Keep in mind the crime rate in Wake Forest is very, very low. Don’t let the fact some people got into trouble, freak you out. Arrested does not equal convicted. All individuals arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


  • 1-17-2014: Pot bust at 1400 Heritage Club Avenue.
  • 1-18-2014: At the Factory at 1839 S Main St a woman from Knightdale had her overnight bag and purse swiped with with cash, credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.
  • 1-18-2014: Assault at 131 Deacon Ridge Street.
  • 1-18-2014: Looks like two F-150 pickup trucks in the parking lot of Crossroads Ford had their tires and wheels appropriated. One of the trucks belonged to a Wake Forest resident. The other must have been a dealer truck.
  • 1-19-2014: On Capital Blvd an incident occurred where police pulled over a Chevy Cobalt and found open alcohol and some sort of misdemeanor drug.
  • 1-19-2014: A 26 year-old woman was the victim of a simple assault at 537 N. taylor Street. There were four witnesses to the assault.
  • 1-20-2014: A window was damaged at 3Phoenix at 204 Capcom Avenue.
  • 1-20-2014: Another shoplifting incident at Walmart. This person was arrested and caught with the goods. Among the items stolen were a purse, woman’s socks, leggings, underwear, bra, coke, BBQ Chunks, and a lucky watch. Not sure how lucky that watch really was.
  • 1-20-2014: In the Walmart parking lot someone was caught with some misdemeanor drug. Quick, find your shocked face.

Wake Forest Crime Map

Wake Forest Crime Map Jan 17 to Jan 21, 2014
Wake Forest Crime Map Jan 17 to Jan 21, 2014

Raleigh – Wake Forest Crime Map

Raleigh - Wake Forest Crime Map Jan 17 to Jan 21, 2014
Raleigh – Wake Forest Crime Map Jan 17 to Jan 21, 2014

Damage to government vehicle and driving while impaired. It appears the same person incurred both charges.

Wake Forest Arrests

  • A 16 year-old lad was busted for possible weed and drug paraphernalia. He was cited and released.
  • Dude had an order for arrest for something.
    Adam Ploscyca

  • At the same place and time this 28 year-old female was arrested for shoplifting.
    Deanne Evans

  • A 34 year-old male from Youngsville was busted with a “marijuana roach” during a traffic stop and cited and released.
  • A Youngsville 27 year-old woman was arrested and cited for Walmart shoplifting.
    A 20 year-old male from Knightdale was cited and released for pot possession.

  • A 20 year-old male from Havelock, NC was successfully arrested for fishing without a license. He is to appear at the Carteret County court house.
    Deandre Davis

  • A 21 year-old male from Zebulon was arrested for failure to disperse on command and given a free ride to the Wake County Jail.
    Racquan Woods

  • Looks like the guy above had the guy below at the same event and shared the charge for failing to disperse on command.
    Trevante Wilkerson

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