Wake Forest Robber Says “I’m Guilty”

Remember the armed serial robber that was causing havoc in the Raleigh area back in September and October? Well he appeared in court today and decided pleading guilty would be the best move.

Along with his other armed robberies was the one on October 8, 2013 on the 6200 block of Ridgemount Street in Wake Forest. That one was significant because it marked the end of his robbery career. Just goes to show you, Wake Forest isn’t the best place to rob people if you don’t want to get caught.

Walter Kevin Johnson, a 29 year-old man was indicted on 24 charges and could face up to 1,916 months in prison. However the fact he entered into a yet undisclosed plea arrangement makes the 1,916 month sentence highly unlikely.

The summary of the plea agreement read in court leaves him open to the maximum punishment to be determined in the future. He also agreed to assist law enforcement in clearing up other cases in hopes for a more lenient eventual sentence.

Johnson appeared in court in what looked like to be a stonewashed creamsicle jail supplied outfit and was relatively silent as the hour-long court appearance before Judge Stephens unfolded.

Judge Stephens quizzed Johnson about his past and confirmed he was born on November 11 which makes Johnson a Scorpio and “more idealistic and spiritual by nature.” The idealism must be that he thought robbing people in the area was a good idea.

At least by pleading guilty he saved the victims of his crimes from having to be dragged into court and deal with the events all over again.

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