UNC Student Busted for Just Being a Moe Money Dumbass

News out of the University of North Carolina system revels that Symone Vanness Brown, 19, is not the brightest bulb in the box.

Symone Vannessa Brown appears tight-lipped in booking photo.
Symone Vannessa Brown appears tight lipped in booking photo.
Brown was busted with nearly $13,000 in counterfeit money in her room after authorities were tipped by a local Walgreens on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro she was trying to pass $100 bills bearing the signature “Moe Money” in order to buy a gift card.

According to University of North Carolina Greensboro police Chief, James Herring, the campus police gathered up the money with the “Moe Money” signature on it and noticed on Brown’s $100 bills it said “Proprietor of the Counterfeiting” under the signature instead of the usual title of Secretary of the Treasury. That obviously wins Brown the double dumbass award in our Wake Forest News bonus round.

Brown, from Charlotte, was enjoying the hospitality of the Guilford County Jail and it is uncertain if she is still occupying a room or bonded out. Hopefully without using more “Moe Money” bills.

It was not clear what Brown’s major was but let’s just hope it wasn’t pre-med.

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