Youngsville Man Arrested in Alleged Major Auto Theft Ring

According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s office two men have been arrested for running what was described as a “major auto theft ring spanning at least eight counties.” One of the suspects is reported to be from Youngsville.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s office raided the home of Roger Dale Nipper, 50, at 813 Moores Pond Road in Youngsville and recovered 14 stolen trucks and truck parts valued at an estimated $1 million, according to WRAL. Sony Marks, 44, of 951 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd in Hickory was charged as well.

951 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd in Hickory, NC.
951 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd in Hickory, NC.

Sadly the address listed for Marks comes back to a house with a psychic readings sign in the front yard according to Google Street View. We are shocked Marks didn’t see the arrest coming and tip Nipper off.

As of now the Franklin County Sheriff’s office is reporting Roger Dale Nipper has been charged with 8 counts of Possession of Stolen Property and 1 count of Altering Serial Number and was given a $140,000.00 secured bond. Sonny Marks has been charged with Larceny of Motor Vehicle and Felony Larceny and was given a $35,000.00 secured bond.

Sounds like Marks was hooking up with Nipper to unload a motor vehicle since he was only charged with a larceny.

A representative from the Franklin County Sheriff’s office described the backyard of Nipper’s residence as a “chop shop” for big trucks and said there were a number of tractors and trailers in various stages of being dismantled. The allegation is the trucks were being sold for scrap.

If Roger Nipper was the alleged mastermind of the ring and we are looking for a silver lining here at least the ring leader lived locally and that made it less likely none of the many Youngsville trucks were the ones that went missing.

It also looks like Nipper’s mug shot was from November 7, 2013 so he must have had a previous run in with the Franklin County Sheriff and according to the department he was arrested on an assault charge at that time. According to the NC Department of Public Safety, Nipper at least had a 2008 conviction for a revoked drivers license.

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