Oddly True. Woman in Licking County Wants to Change Name to Sexy

Damn, life is full of better stories or plots than could ever be imagined. And this proves it.

Ranea Crabtree of Licking County Ohio is feed up with her name and the middle name, Shelia, she’s used all of her years.

Now a mother of two teenage girls, Crabtree wants to legally change her first name to Sexy. Yep, no shit. And if the court refuses to do that she’s shooting for Sparkle as her safety name.

According to the Columbus Dispatch:

I wear Victoria’s Secret clothes all the time,” said Crabtree, who doesn’t want you to know how old she is. “I was like, ‘Shoot, I’ll just go for Sexy.’

We wish Shelia the best of luck on the Sexy name change in Licking County and suspect she’ll change that again in a couple of decades.

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