And Someone Thought This Was a Good Idea

Alright Australia, you win. That is if what you were going for is the most disturbing stay-in-school public service announcement of all time.

Warning: It’s sexy and then very disturbing. It probably should not be watched by its target audience. Not sure what the Learn for Life Foundation was thinking when they produced this PSA. All we can say is Yikes!

But in an effort to disprove this was an authentic video we went to the Learn for Life Foundation site and found the promotion for the video right on the home page. Looks like this is an authentic PSA.

Learn for Life Foundation
Learn for Life Foundation

We are not sure how much this is going to help to keep kids in school or ramp up the waiting list of the school psychologist.

The good news though is when you dig a little deeper you can discover the alleged non-profit Australian foundation is a hoax. The organization doesn’t really exist.

All we got out of this is don’t go surfing in Australia in a VW Bus unless you want to spend time with some totally hot chicks.

If you want a more appropriate stay in school PSA may we suggest video of a day in the life of a drive-in worker at a fast food joint. That can be a hell of a lot scarier.

Kudos to the producers of the film for generating a whole lot of buzz around the video.

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