9 Reasons You Should Subscribe to the Competing Wake Weekly Paper

This is probably the last type of post you’d expect to see from another Wake Forest news source but we are just trying to put our readers first and keep it honest.

Previously we wrote this article about the Wake Weekly. And it is true, we do have a very cordial relationship with them. They are the biggest real news source in town when it comes to all the nitty-gritty things so we have to give them props where props are due.

We tried to secure a special subscription discount for Wake Forest News readers and get you a special deal so you could save some money when subscribing to the Wake Weekly printed newspaper. Sadly the response from Wake Weekly was an apparent no. On that front we give them a thumbs down. But here is the link to subscribe to them anyway.

We can give them a big thumbs up for the following nine things, in no particular order:

  1. In general, putting out a regular newspaper is just hard grunt work. There is a never ending series of things that has to happen to get the paper printed and distributed. The Wake Weekly does this rather well, week-after-week. They have real employees who have to show-up and work.
  2. Their staff photographers take really great pictures. Really Great!
  3. They go to all the boring Town meetings and cover them. Count us out on that one.
  4. They’ve been covering Wake Forest since dirt was invented. Actually they probably wrote a breaking news column on that happening.
  5. Really nice people work there.
  6. The paper is only $3 per month or $29 per year if you pay with all at once. There, we showed you how to get a discount.
  7. They go to a lot of the local sports events and take pictures that parents can purchase. Nice to have an action shot of your Johnny or Becky.
  8. They have an office in beautiful downtown Wake Forest where you can drop in to see them at work. We don’t. You can’t watch us at work. If you could we’d probably have some sort of performance anxiety with that.
  9. They have less typos than we do because they actually have proofreaders. The only proofreaders we have can tell us if it is 80 or 90 proof.

Ah what the hell, even though they wouldn’t give a discount to our readers, here’s the link again to subscribe.

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