Some Handy Product Placement at Family Dollar

A recent trip to Family Dollar in Youngsville found this unique placement of items on a store shelf. Seems the good clerks there have made it very convenient to deal with sexual responsibilities and potential outcomes.

You can find this on the bases covered isle.

Got your bases covered.
Got your bases covered.

2 thoughts on “Some Handy Product Placement at Family Dollar”

  1. That’s not unusual. Every drug store has these same types of items grouped together in the same area. Why don’t you focus a little more on not always being so snarky and negative all the time – you don’t represent the Wake Forest that we all know and love. Witty is one thing, but the negative tinge that the majority of your stories contain are quite off-putting for the community.

    • Not sure what part of that observation is either snarky or negative. It’s just a picture of something observed. But hey, maybe the condoms are the snarky part and the pregnancy test is the negative part.

      As far as we are concerned, we nailed it. After all snark is our middle name, oh hell, no it’s not it’s forest. Yea, forest is our middle name.


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