Wake Forest Teens Caught Sexting

In case you are not familiar with the term sexting, it’s when people send sexual pictures by text message or simply from one phone to another. As stunned as you might be, sometimes those pictures get passed around and shared with others. Problems often follow.

Wake Forest teens caught sexting isn’t really even a man bites dog story these days. We don’t even need to go look for our shocked face for this revelation. In fact it’s only shocking that more people haven’t been caught. You know this is a stupid thing for people to do, but it happens all the time. Just stating fact, not condoning it.

The Wake Forest Police Department is investing a rash (best word to use?) of nudie pics sent around of teens. According to the mother who recently called the WFPD, pictures of her then 14 or 15 year-old daughter have surfaced on Instagram. The daughter is now 18.

While we just hate to state the obvious we are going to do it anyway. The surest way to not have pictures of your boobs, junk, or blow jobs appear on the internet is to not let people take them of you and don’t take them of yourself. The minute you send something like that off you never know where it is going to wind up.

Popular singer Rihanna with almost 12 million followers on her Instagram account posted this picture some might find sexually suggestive, or then again, maybe it’s quite all right.

Rihanna and Shakari. You know Shakari, she's one of the judges on The Voice.
Rihanna and Shakari. You know Shakari, she’s one of the judges on The Voice.

According to ABC11 did a far more politically correct description of the pictures under investigation, “The victim said pictures of other teens were posted on the same Instagram account and others. The images include photos of breasts and genitals, along with photos of oral sex.”

The story went on to identify schools where sexting kids were enrolled. These included Enloe High School, Athens Drive High School, Rolesville High School, Holly Springs High School, Heritage High School, and Middle Creek High School.

To read the ABC11 story, click here.

And while pictures of Rihanna are not teen sexting can it be no surprise that for some, sexting seems like a good thing to do when popular figures do it?

Parents, you might want to have the sexting chat with your teens. Just sayin’.

If they insist in sexting you might want to put a 2×4 aside for later when they realize what a dumb move it was. They’ll probably want to smack themselves in the head in a couple years with the 2×4 when the pictures show up on myex.com.

This picture of Rihanna was favorited 165,000 times on Instagram.
This picture of Rihanna on Instagram was favorited 165,000 times.

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