Wake Forest Desperately Looking for Wiener Eaters

The Wake Forest Mardi Gras Planning Committee is recruiting contestants with a hearty appetite for the “Shorty’s Hot Dog Challenge” on Saturday, March 1. The contest is being offered again this year as part of downtown Wake Forest’s Mardi Gras Street Festival.

The committee is seeking four contestants ready and willing to wolf down 12 hot dogs prepared “all the way,” a large order of cheese fries, and a soda – in 15 minutes or less. Anyone who accomplishes this feasting feat will earn a trophy, Shorty’s t-shirt and, most importantly, bragging rights as the “Shorty’s Hot Dog Challenge” champion.

Power eaters interested in taking part in the contest should email Chip Russell at crussell@wakeforestnc.gov and provide their name, contact information and why they think they are up to the challenge. There is no cost to enter and contestants will be accepted on a first-come basis.

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