Hairspray is Greasy

Wake Forest Area High Schools Prepare for Their Season of Musical Theatre

By Brent Blakeney

With the melting of the snow of winter, and the un-vortexing of the Polar Vortex, several of the two High Schools in the greater Wake Forest area are ramping up for their Spring 2014 Season of Musical Theatre. These schools, which have been locked in a battle of theatre supremacy since 2012, will once again warm up their vocal chords and tighten their dance belts for this year’s performance war.

The two High Schools, Wake Forest and Heritage, will be putting on productions of Hairspray and Grease, respectively. These are two insanely popular shows are sure to put a lot of High School Musical lovers in their schools seats. Not only that, but someone who loves musicals based on films starring John Travolta will also benefit from this line-up.

“Our original idea was to try and create our own musical based on another Travolta movie. It was a toss up between Battlefield Earth and Pulp Fiction, but in the end neither of those movies produced very musical or appropriate scripts”, says Heritage Sophomore Beth Johnston. “We decided to stick with the tried and true musical of teen debauchery in the 1950’s.”

Teen pregnancy, leather jackets, and changing everything about yourself just so a boy will like you, are all deeply relevant themes that are explored in “Grease”.

In learning of Heritage’s plan, Senior Kevin Jarvis of Wake Forest responded, “We too were looking into creating an original musical based on a Travolta movie. We had penned an amazing script based on the 1997 blockbuster Face/Off, however no student actor at our school possessed the necessary range to accurately portray the part of Nicolas Cage.”

Even with the lack of an equal to the inspirational acting talent of Mr. Cage, both of these schools are set to produce excellent versions of these musicals. Check back often to find out more about showtimes and ticket prices once opening night gets a little closer.

We tried to contact Mr. Travolta about his popularity in the Wake Forest, NC area, but he failed to respond to our persistent emails, phone calls, text messages, smoke signals, and even the plane with a banner we flew over the greater L.A. area. Confidence is high, however, that we will soon have an answer.

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