Vote For Whoever the Hell You Want. The Wake Forest News Editorial Board.

Tomorrow is E Day. The elections will be over. Thank God!

The editorial board of the Wake Forest News got together this morning to write our election post on who we support. The vote was unanimous.

This election has brought up a number of disturbing issues. The most pressing is people who the day before the election still say they are undecided. At this point, anyone who is undecided should have their right to vote revoked. Seriously, undecided after all the angst, shouting, name calling, and pussy grabbing?

The next issue that confounds us, but then again we tend to like facts, is rumblings of fear of muslims heard around Wake Forest. Some older residents told me they feared terrorists were going to come shoot people in Wake Forest. WTF!

Like it or not, Wake Forest is actually a home of tolerance and compassion. While some people run in fear over Islam, Muslims, or anyone they don’t understand, that is not representative of people who take the time to understand a larger global view.

One alleged local professor was actually overheard in a voting line to want to vote for Trump to avoid bring more Muslims in. And that’s his right but that’s actually not the position of the Southern Baptist Convention that the seminary is part of.

In fact, according to Baptist News, the Southern Baptist Convention recently supported the building of a mosque in New Jersey.

The Southern Baptist Convention is actually a very progressive religious organization. This year at the national meeting the group supported denouncing the Confederate Flag, defended the right for people to practice the Muslim faith, and supported the welcoming of refugees.

So what we are witnessing right now is the same thing that happens daily at the counter of Wake Forest Coffee. It’s just people struggling to decide between a coffee and choosing what the people around them are ordering.

Some people can’t make educated and informed independent decisions. You know anyone that just follows the crowd? Peer pressure is a bitch.

Now if you hate pants suits, you might not like Hillary. And we suppose that’s as valid a reason as any for some people to not vote for her. But if you don’t like bullies, racists, xenophobic, women dismissers then you probably wouldn’t want to vote for Trump.

There are so many topics that we’ve observed that get people in a huff and lose friends during this election. So can we for a moment compare rhetoric to reality?

Weiners – The last nine days were invested in people all upset over potential new emails found as part of the FBI investigation into Clinton emails. Reports out today seem confounded that 650,000 emails were found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner that belonged to his soon to be former wife. There are two issue to consider here. 1) These were emails sent and received from the email account of Abedin. Not all of Clinton’s emails. There were not 650,000. 2) It is easily possible to scan the found emails in a relatively short period of time. All you have to do is run a comparison between one digital group that was already reviewed and the newly found group. Next, you just need to look at the outliers. According to reports, most of the new emails found were duplicates of previous emails reviewed and cleared.

Private Email Server – It is amazing that people are wrapped up in the use of a private email server by Clinton. No investigation has determined that Clinton’s server was penetrated by any outside party. But while people rage about Clinton’s server, it seems nobody directs the same rage to any government official that uses a non-government account like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail (Still?), AOL (Still x 2?), or a local cable company account. Anyone remember when the CIA Director got his AOL account hacked?

Benghazi – How many Congressional investigations does anybody need? Apparently the magic number is eight. While there is outrage over Benghazi the multiple investigations reached a very similar conclusion, systemic issues but no charges against Clinton because the critical issue was that even though troops were ordered to deploy by the President and Secretary of Defense, they did not actually deploy. Here is a timeline put together by the last investigation into Benghazi and presented by Republican Representative Roskam. The video can be found on The Select Committee on Benghazi site.

My Job Got Shipped Overseas – This jobs issue drives us crazy. People in the United States are more likely to lose their job to a robot here in the U.S. than have it lost overseas. While the number of low-skilled manufacturing jobs has declined in the U.S. the productivity of factories has increased by 40%. But the reality is what we have is less of a job gap than a skills gap. About 2,000,000 American manufacturing jobs are presently unfilled because companies can’t find workers skilled in math, tech, communications, and modern manufacturing. The inability of manufacturers to find skilled American workers results in jobs leaving for other parts of the world. You know, where Trump has his products manufactured.

“Given almost half of executives would consider reshoring their manufacturing operations back to U.S., demand for skilled workers is likely to further increase. Difficulties in finding the qualified talent may push manufacturers to automate their factories and replace people with machines. However, automation requires highly skilled personnel to operate, though fewer in number. In both cases (i.e., whether companies automate or not), manufacturers require skilled workers in their plants.”

Over the next decade, 3.4 million manufacturing jobs are expected to need to be filled, right here in America. Maybe we should be investing in retraining programs for low skilled workers? But if we did that, wouldn’t that be an investment in American infrastructure that has been so hotly contested? The need for high-tech retraining is not a new one, just an ignored one because it costs money for training. Clinton has released specific steps for workforce training, “For job seekers and workers, her agenda calls for an increase in training programs with 21st century technology to better equip Americans with employable skills.” Trump has said he would like to invest in veteran job training but nothing for the average American. – Source

Wikileaks Shows Democratic Duplicity – If anyone thinks a similar hack of RNC emails would not show inside information that would surprise and shock, you are not thinking this through. What people say to others when they don’t think anyone is looking is often different than what they say in public or would want other people to read. Yes, all people have public and private positions. All organizations have public and private positions and all candidates have public and private positions. But if anyone wants to get a fair picture of what the information in the DNC email hack means you would need to compare it to information from an equal RNC hack. The current argument is interesting but a false equivalency.

We Could Go On, But President Obama Makes a Twitter Point

All we ask is that you simply examine the facts and not the slogans. On one side you have someone with experience running complex government organizations. On the other side you have someone who can’t even be trusted to operate his own Twitter account anymore. “Taking away Twitter turned out to be an essential move by his press team, which deprived him of a previously unfiltered channel for his aggressions.”

Seriously, which person do you want to hire for the job? It’s your choice.

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