Greedy Wake Weekly Wins Vigorous Accolades

For the third time in five years, The Wake Weekly was awarded first place General Excellence during the annual North Carolina Press Association News, Editorial & Photojournalism Contest Awards. This year’s ceremony was in Chapel Hill, Feb. 27.

It seems their excellence is just so greedy it doesn’t give hardly anyone else a chance. They probably need to slack off a bit and start competing for our fifth place position a bit to give other papers in the state a chance.

Somewhere in North Carolina right now you know there is a small newspaper staff making a stuffed doll or burning some white sage and planning revenge for that damn Wake Weekly excellence.

The General Excellence award, considered the top prize in each circulation division, recognizes the best in mechanical excellence, general and departmental news coverage, literary excellence, promotion of community interests, graphics and appearance, editorial vigor, use of photographs and advertising enterprise.

Too bad their had not been categories for good cheer, nice people, and works in old house. They would have nailed those as well.

The Wake Weekly won in the 2013 community newspaper division for circulation between 3,500 and 10,000.

The judges, from the New Jersey Press Association, wrote about the paper’s award, “Good overall newspaper. Editorial and advertising departments should be complimented.” New Jersey? Now even the judges are from New Jersey? We are being overrun!

In addition to the top prize, The Wake Weekly received further awards. Publisher Emeritus Bob Allen received first place for lighter columns. Of Allen’s work, the judges wrote, “The writer brings you right into the story. Easy reading. High scores all around. Sounds like the voice of experience.”

Just shows you how excellent they are. Even the former publisher can’t stop winning awards.

Editorial page contributors, longtime columnist Jean McCamy, cartoonist Jay Lamm and Editor Clellie Allen, also received first place for the editorial page with the judges commenting, “Great local editorials that have a significant impact on the community coupled with nice, clean layout and political cartoons with a local focus.”

Associate Editor David Leone was awarded second place recognition for profile feature writing for an article about Ruth Denton who played piano for Glen Royal Baptist Church for 48 years. The judge said of Leone’s piece, “Perfect structure and storytelling.”

If she had played for fifty years Leone probably would have nailed first place for sure. Just two years shy of that tear-jerking fifty.

Leone also won the excellence award for best photographer wearing plaid.

Clellie Allen also received second place for educational reporting for a fun piece about UNC-Chapel Hill’s basketball coach Roy Williams visiting Rolesville Middle School to help kick off a countywide reading initiative.

Rumor is she caught him dribbling.

Leone, Clellie Allen and the staff received third place awards as well. Leone for headline writing and Clellie Allen for general news photography and editorial writing. The entire staff was recognized for the newspaper’s appearance and design. Plus the judges said they had fresh breath as well.

Congratulations to the Wake Weekly.

4 thoughts on “Greedy Wake Weekly Wins Vigorous Accolades”

  1. I quit doing the editorial cartoons for the Wake/Franklin/Rolesville Weekly because they allowed their political agendas to get in the way of legitimate journalism. I am a registered Republican, but when it comes to my cartoons, everyone is treated the same, regardless of political affiliation. At the Weekly, you had to take into consideration if they were friends of the Allens, political cronies of the publisher, or advertisers. The Allens are nice enough, and Clellie works hard, but they are a long way off from deserving “General Excellence” in journalism. Stories delayed…Stories buried….Stories killed….

    David Leone is as dedicated as a journalist as I have every worked with. Designers as good as it gets. Business and advertising staff does a great job. Founder Bob Allen built a nice community newspaper that has now evolved into, at best, a community newsletter, reminiscent of a Home Owners Association mailer…with sports.

    Being a “Big Fish in a Mud Puddle” is great to toot your own horn and help sell ads, but it doesn’t make The Wake/Franklin/Rolesville Weekly worthy of a “General Excellence” award in JOURNALISM.

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