Wake Forest Couple Busted for Ordering Pot in the Mail

While you can order a lot of helpful things in the mail, marijuana isn’t one of the things you should probably order in North Carolina. But a Wake Forest couple decided having more than two pounds of exceptional pot sent via FedEx was a brilliant move. That is, until they were busted.

Larrin Devereaux Marrisett, 34, and Kristen Marie Marrisett, 32, of the 3300 block of Sugar House Street in Wakefield Plantation were arrested when FedEx made the discovered delivery to their home, and they accepted it.

3300 Block of Sugar House St.
3300 Block of Sugar House St.

The weed had been discovered when the package from Monument Co. in Colorado passed through the North Raleigh FedEx terminal and was discovered by a Raleigh Police Department detective during a routine inspection. A K-9 team was called in to confirm the suspicion of “what do we have here?”

The dog alerted with a “rut ro” to the two pounds of pot and plans were made to get a search warrant to take a peak inside the box where the weed had been nicely packed.

The package was sealed back up and Raleigh Police watched as the package was delivered and taken inside. Once the package was accepted the police executed a search warrant and invited themselves inside where they found about 3 ounces of chew candy, 4 ounces of marijuana chocolate, 2.3 ounces of marijuana cookies, 11 ounces of cannabis candy and an additional 4 ounces of marijuana that had not been transformed into pot edibles.

Larrin Marrisett was released from jail on March 4 after posting a $20,000 bond. Kristen Marrisett was released the following day after posting the same bond amount. Sure, the guy goes first.

The couple was each charged with felony counts of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana and maintaining a dwelling for the sale and delivery of marijuana. – Source

In researching this piece I came across a post on a website about FedEx intercepting a package with 1 lb of weed to which someone responded, “i was wicked high when i saw this and thought it said “FedEx intercepted a pancake with 1 lb weed” lolololol.” I have to go with, why yes you were apparently wicked high.

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