Monday, January 24, 2022

Three days after Sanford parade shooting, victim says he wasn't the target

— Three days after he was shot at the Sanford Christmas parade, 16-year-old Jadakis Tysor said he was not the intended target in the shooting that shocked the community.

“It hit me right here on the back of my arm and came out the front,” Tysor said. “All I saw was myself getting hit. I tried to run and my arm was stuck to the ground. And I just pushed myself up with my left hand and got up. I don’t know who shot me or anything.”

On Monday night, at the Sanford Christmas parade, a longstanding tradition in the city turned to chaos.

Tysor and his 18-year-old friend, Sean Matthews, were shot near an intersection near the the parade route.

Police arrested 20-year-old Deion Johns shortly after the incident. They said the shooting was “not random.”

But Tysor said he doesn’t know why he’d be a target, as he barely knows Johns.

“Most of us grew up together. My aunt introduced me to him, that’s about it,” Tysor said.

He said he is spending a lot of time now on the couch recovering. His right hand’s a little numb, but he said it’s nothing he’ll complain about.

“Anybody that gets shot is lucky to be alive afterwards,” Tysor said

Deion Johns faces several charges in the shootings, including attempted murder.

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