Stolen Durham police uniforms found in search of Raleigh murder suspect's car

— Raleigh police searching a vehicle linked to the fatal shooting of a couple at a hotel near Crabtree Valley Mall found uniforms stolen from the Durham Police Department and a number of firearms, at least two of them stolen.

Police on Dec. 3 arrested 28-year-old Seaga Edward Gillard, charging him with the murder they day before of April Lynn Holland, 22, and Dwayne Garvey, 28. In their search for Gillard’s alleged accomplice, they found the uniforms and 10 weapons.

A search warrant lays out the connections between the two cases.

Raleigh officers looking for murder suspect Brandon Hill, saw him load a heavy bag into a Honda Civic in the wee hours of Dec. 4 and then get in the passenger seat, the warrant says.

When officers attempted to stop the car, the driver, later identified as Hill’s wife, sped away. Officers eventually deployed spiked strips and stopped the car, but the man ran from the scene.

Police impounded the car and, in a search, found the weapons, the uniforms and “other evidence related to multiple other felonies in several jurisdictions,” the warrant says.

Officers then asked to search apartment 204 at 8108 Green Lantern Court where began tracking Hill.

“It is reasonable to believe there could be evidence related to crime of murder,” police wrote in that request.

They found more weapons, ammunition and multiple cell phones, ski masks and gloves in their search of that location.

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