NC Man Arrested for Walmart Toe Sucking

Police in Lincolnton, NC have made an arrest in the Walmart toe sucking incident. Michael A. Brown is alleged to have assisted women in trying on shoes at Walmart before making his move and plunging their toes into his mouth.

He allegedly told the women he was a podiatry student and he managed to convince at least one woman to drop on by the shoe department and he’d take care of her. And take care of her he did.

According to Lincolnton, NC police, Brown “took the victim’s foot, put it in his mouth and sucked the victim’s toes.”

Apparently the unwanted Walmart toe sucking agitated the woman. Brown tried to calm her by saying he’d pickup the bill for her groceries. Nothing helps to calm a toe sucking victim like free cheese.

Allegedly earlier in the day Brown had tried this smooth move at another Walmart. At that store Brown allegedly told a woman he was doing a survey of women and needed to examine her feet. “She started taking off her shoes, taking off her socks — then she said ‘you’re weird’ and got up and left,” a police detective said, noting that no crime was committed. – Source

Michael A. Brown is a registered sex offender. Shocker.

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