Emergency responders deliver Apex child's Christmas wish

— Law enforcement officers and other first responders joined forces Sunday to grant a special Christmas wish for an Apex boy.

Troopers, deputies, firefighters and paramedics were called to the home of 12-year-old Landon Loyd, turning his Mannsfield Court street into a mass of vehicles, blinking lights and sirens.

“Deputy” Landon got to inspect the ambulance, a fire truck and a patrol car. He kept the scanners buzzing, dispatching his fellow first responders and filling the airwaves with Christmas songs.

The Christmas surprise was orchestrated by Deputy Kim Garey with the Wake County Sheriff’s Office who knows the Lloyd family and that Landon has condition called hydrocephalus. That means the fluid in his brain doesn’t drain properly.

Asked to sum up the day, Landon said it best. “Christmas is a time of giving, and an officer gave me the best gift of all,” he said.

A special thank you to our friends at WRAL for helping out with this post.