Things Happened and I Can’t Afford to Pay My School to Get Back In


Dear Steve,

MY STORY: I’ll start from the beginning. I’m double majoring in Computer Engineering and Science, and last semester I participated in the IEEE South East Conference. We did pretty well even though the entire conference was unimpressive. Well I devoted so much time into my chapter’s robot that I slacked with a few of my classes. Don’t get me wrong I have a GPA over 3.0 but I withdrew from two of my classes and a lab (to save my GPA) which left me below the 67% requirement for financial aid.

MY PROBLEM: With this I’m on financial aid suspension and as a requirement to appeal I had to take this semester part-time without financial aid. To pay for tuition I have been working for an old friend who would have paid it off. However this ended up falling through a week ago and I can’t even find him anymore to try and get the money he promised. Now I owe 2.3k to my university before I can sign up for my next semester and receive financial aid. If I don’t find a way to pay it off, and can’t sign up then I will fall into the repayment plan and that will completely end my college career.

This is my big issue. My first thought is to join ROTC (something I’ve been thinking about for a while now and can still apply for,) but I don’t think they can help me for this semester seeing as I’m not a member right now. My only other option (that I can think of) is a loan, but my credit is terrible because of an old sprint bill I never took care of. If you can give me a helpful opinion about this that would be great. Otherwise I’m literally cooked :(.



Dear Devon,

So it sounds as if the issue was brought about by your decision to reduce your workload and your “friends” promise to pay but failure to do so.

You might just have to do what many other people have done. Sometimes you have to take time off and regroup. If you took the next semester off and focused on making enough money to live on and pay off the debt to the school that would get you back in shape to reapply. You are not the first person to face this challenge and you certainly won’t be the last.

This does not sound like it is an issue created by the school or their direct result but a series of events that led to this moment.

Your other option is to go into the financial aid office at your school and discuss your situation with them. They might know of some solution to get you back in. They are motivated to do that if it is possible.

Steve Rhode
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