Wake Forest Power Continues Electric Meter Change Out

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Wake Forest Power is in the second year of a three-year project aimed at upgrading the electric meters for all its residential and commercial customers. The project, which began in late 2015 and will continue into 2018, entails Wake Forest Power technicians replacing nearly 7,000 Power Line Carrier meters with new Radio Frequency (RF) meters.

In contrast to the current Power Line Carrier meters, which rely on electric distribution lines to transmit information between the meter and the electric substation, the new RF meters will utilize a network of routers. Positioned throughout the Wake Forest Power service territory, the routers will transmit information significantly faster and allow for updates in real-time. The RF meters will also provide more detailed meter information, such as the current voltage at a particular residence, as well as voltages along the electric distribution system.

Wake Forest Power scheduled the meter rollout to occur in phases beginning with the northeastern and eastern portion of its service territory, followed by the northwestern and central areas. The remaining schedule will be determined as the project continues. Several of the new meters are being installed throughout the entire service territory to insure they are functioning as designed.

Technicians are currently installing the new meters in the Crenshaw Hall subdivision. During the week of Jan. 9, crews will be in Caveness Farms, before proceeding to the Villas of Wake Forest.

Wake Forest Power customers are not required to take any action, but are encouraged to be aware of the following:

  • All Wake Forest Power residential and commercial customers will receive a new RF meter.

  • Meter installations will be performed by uniformed Wake Forest Power technicians. The technicians will be wearing dark blue pants and tan shirts with a Wake Forest Power logo. Technicians will be required to display proper identification badges and knock on your door prior to beginning work.

  • Customers will experience a brief power interruption (a couple of minutes in most cases) when their electric meter is replaced.

  • Customers with outdoor meters that installers are able to access will not need to be present for the installation.

  • Customers with a medical condition or other special needs, who are currently with Wake Forest Power, will receive additional notification prior to a service interruption.

For more information about Wake Forest Power’s electric meter change out program, contact Public Works & Utilities Director Mike Barton at 919-435-9571 or Electric Meter Supervisor Jeremiah Swann at 919-435-9574.



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