Sexy Wake Forest Police Busy March 26 to April 3, 2014 – Wake Forest Police Blotter


There sure seemed to be a lot of arrests during the time between March 26 and April 3. As is typical, most of the arrests were for drugs or shoplifting. There were a couple of arrests for cyberstalking, that’s new, and an arrest of a man who appears to be an ex-professional football player. The failure to appear arrests seem like a colossal waste of time, just go to court so you don’t need to be arrested again, please.


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Keep in mind the crime rate in Wake Forest is very, very low. Don’t let the fact some people got into trouble, freak you out. Arrested does not equal convicted. All individuals arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Wake Forest Crime Map

Wake Forest Crime Map March 26, 2014 to April 3, 2014
Wake Forest Crime Map March 26, 2014 to April 3, 2014


  • 3-26-2014 – The sad WFPD Officer Loveless tracked down a 56 year-old Wake Forest male and serve him with a criminal summons. Can someone please give that officer some love?
  • 3-26-2014 – The popular Wake Forest Police Officer Chilton took a 37 year-old Wake Forest male to the Wake Jail for a photo and change of clothes. The man was charged with assault on a female.
    Juan Gomez

  • 3-26-2014 – The always funny WFPD Sergeant Minor nabbed an 18 year-old Wake Forest male for possession of marijuana and introduced him again to the Wake criminal system. As a parting gift he got the free picture below which shows off the nice new earring.
    Tyler Ropon
    Tyler Ropon Report

  • 3-26-2014 – The popular Wake Forest Police Officer Chilton arrested a 22 Wake Forest female to the Wake County jail for forgery issues.
    Leigh Ann Morgan
    Leigh Ann Morgan Report

  • 3-27-2014 – The talented WFPD Officer Pearce arrested Samuel Aiken, a 33 year-old “football player” and apparent UNC Chapel Hill football coach was served and arrested for a misdemeanor failure to appear. From online information it appears he may have played for the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and Cleveland Brows. Quick, someone call TMZ.
    Samuel Aiken

  • 3-27-2014 – The always professional WFPD Officer Pulley served a warrant on a 23 year-old Wake Forest female who was charged with intimidation of a witness.
  • 3-27-2014 – The always enthusiastic Wake Forest Police Department Officer and his K-9 partner nabbed a 55 year-old Wake Forest male with a bit of weed on him. He was tagged and released into the wild with a citation.
  • 3-27-2014 – The charismatic WFPD Officer Bitting was introduced to a 29 year-old Henderson female and her 8.9 grams of weed. Tagged and released.
  • 3-28-2014 – The always alert WFPD Officer Van Winkle tagged and released a 49 year-old Wake Forest female for larceny at Kohl’s.
  • 3-29-2014 – The vigilant WFPD Officer Wallace served a criminal summons on a 21 year-old Wake Forest male for failing to return rental property.
  • 3-29-2014 – The inquisitive WFPD Officer Jernigan arrested a 28 year-old troubled Garner female for DWI on Capital Blvd. Seems it was not her first free portrait at the Wake County Jail.
    Ashli Garrett
    Ashli Garrett Report

  • 3-31-2014 – The fast WFPD Officer McArthur arrested a 52 year-old Wake Forest female for communicating threats and cyberstalking. They then they swung on by the Wake County Jail.
    Janie Ellerbe-Porter

  • 3-31-2014 – The brilliant WFPD Officer Hale arrested a 25 year-old Wake Forest female on a failure to appear warrant and resisting an officer.
    Davida harris
    Davida Harris Report

  • 3-31-2014 – The ever present WFPD Officer Woods arrested an 18 year-old Wake Forest male for driving while impaired and drug possession.
    Justin Franklin

  • 4-1-2014 – The WFPD Officer D’Hemecourt cited and released a 17 year-old Franklinton male who was caught at Walmart by store security.
  • 4-1-2014 – Along with the lad above Officer D’Hemecourt also dealt with others store security had nabbed a 16 year-old Louisburg male.
  • 4-2-2014 – The always alert WFPD Officer Van Winkle arrested a 32 year-old Raleigh male subject for misdemeanor larceny at Walmart.
  • 4-2-2014 – WFPD Officer Wyatt and his dog arrested a 48 year-old Wake Forest female for driving while license restricted. The woman was given a ride to jail and a free photo.
    Chante Daniel

  • 4-3-2014 – The ever present WFPD Officer Boone cited and released a 19 year-old Youngsville female and a 20 year-old Wake Forest male for a couple of grams of pot.
  • 4-3-2014 – The most professional WFPD Officer Webb cited and released a 34 year-old Knightdale male for possession of drug paraphernalia.

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