Gardner: Temps Will Plummet Sunday Before Friday’S Huge Warm Up

Wind Chill Advisory

— With an intense wind chill factor and below-freezing temperatures, the frigid cold felt overnight didn’t get much better Sunday even after the sun came up.

Temperatures remained in the teens until after lunchtime before they entered the low 20s, warming up just a bit. The high on Sunday will be 26 degrees, and meteorologists said the temperature won’t get above freezing all day.

Bundle up if you’re headed outside, because it’s going to be cold and feel even colder. “10 to 15 mph winds will make it feel like it’s -5 degrees today,” said WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner. “The wind chill will still feel like teens through the afternoon.”

Although temperatures won’t do much to help clear the frozen roads across the state, the sun should provide somewhat of a warming factor. According to Gardner, the sun should be out and shining bright by 8 a.m. on Sunday, providing very little relief from the freezing temperatures.

It will get even colder overnight and into early Monday, though, when temperatures in the Triangle drop into the single digits, threatening to approach 0 degrees.

If temperatures do reach 0 degrees, a record low set in 1970 for this date will be broken.

After the area saw snow and freezing rain on Saturday, no additional precipitation is expected Sunday, which will help workers as they begin to clear icy roads.

Monday will be much like Sunday, with bright sunny skies and temperatures remaining below freezing for most of the day. Rain is not expected to be an issue, and temperatures will likely remain in the single digits even at 8 a.m. before things start to warm up.

If you miss the warmth, there is some good news. It will be just a little warmer on Monday and on each day after as the area prepares for a drastic temperature change.

“We will go from 0 degrees on Monday (possibly breaking the record low that stands for that date) to 71 degrees on Friday,” said WRAL meteorologist Aimee Wilmoth. “That’s getting close to the record high of 78 degrees for that date. These are some crazy temperature swings!”

,It was cold overnight, and there won’t be much relief from the frigid temperatures even after the sun comes up on Sunday morning.,It was cold overnight, and there won’t be much relief from the frigid temperatures even after the sun comes up on Sunday morning.

A special thank you to our friends at WRAL for helping out with this post.