Falls Lake-Trail Monitor Volunteer

Address: 11405 Falls of the Neuse Road WAke Forest, NC 27587
Contact: Volunteer Clearinghouse 800.865.8337
Availability: 1/15/2017–1/15/2018
Created: 12/22/2016
Suitability: Adults, Seniors
Difficulty: Average
Direct Link: https://www.volunteer.gov/results.cfm?ID=13295


Falls Lake is located in the beautiful and bustling triangle area of North Carolina. Although considered a metropolitan lake, Falls Lake has it all! With over 12,400 acres of water surrounded by 25,500 acres of undeveloped public lands, we are an oasis for many from out of state and right around the corner.

As a Corps of Engineers volunteer at Falls Lake, you will need to provide your own transportation to and from the lake. Mileage may be reimbursable. However, depending on availability, and with the proper training, a volunteer may also utilize government vehicles while on the job. All equipment including safety equipment and personal protective gear will be provided. Safety training will also be provided. Volunteers will be required to wear volunteer insignia (badge, t-shirt, vest, hat, etc.). Volunteers over the age of 18 can be trained to use power tools such as a chainsaw or weed trimmer.

Trail Monitor:

Dates: The Position is Year Round 2017

Volunteer Duties: There is over 25 miles of trail at Falls Lake. The trail monitor would be mainly responsible for monitoring trails on Corps of Engineers managed land. This position is needed on an intermittent basis, to walk and clear the various project area trails of trash debris, natural debris, and overgrowth. They report any fallen trees, blocked trails, or bank erosion in a timely manner. Specific duties may include: Removing invasive species and unwanted species; Brush clearing of recreation and restoration areas; Pruning of trees and shrubs on project lands; Mulching; General landscape upkeep (weeding, raking, etc.); Hand tool & equipment use. There may also be opportunity to work on an interpretive trail. Other tasks (boat patrol, comment card distribution, etc…) may be assigned by Staff. Volunteer will be required to wear volunteer insignia (badge, t-shirt, vest, hat, etc.)

Special Skills: • Be able to walk unassisted, stooping, bending on uneven terrain, at a close proximity to water • Have an interest in working outdoors • Wear proper safety attire (i.e., gloves, sunglasses, bug spray, sunscreen, hiking footwear, etc.) • Possess the ability to remain politically neutral while on duty • Fill out all necessary volunteer forms and keep track of hours performed
(Updated 12/30/2016)

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