If You Want High Speed Internet to Your Wake Forest Home or Business, Read This

Last week I wrote a piece on how you can help 1,000 MB per second upload and download internet make its way to your Wake Forest home.

There isn’t much I am authorized to publicly share about this project except for saying this absolutely does not look like a pipe dream and work to bring state-of-the-art high-speed internet to our little old Wake Forest area is beginning.

It is estimated this fastest internet service to homes, the first in all of North Carolina, will begin to arrive in about 90 days. If you’d like this in your home or business, keep reading. According to an article today in the Triangle Business Journal Wake Forest will become North Carolina’s first gigabit city. Ah, that would be second, Wilson, NC claims to be the first. Thanks to Catherine Rice for the correction.

This type of high-speed internet will make the Wake Forest area a destination Town for high-tech businesses and tech workers locating to the area and even North Carolina in general. The internet speed that will be available to the home and business will far exceed anything else available in the entire Triangle area and/or all of North Carolina at reasonable prices.

With that kind of demand it is not unreasonable for it to increase the desire for Wake Forest area homes for local or RTP tech workers, just like it did when Google fiber came to Kansas City. Increased demand in connected homes could increase your property value. That alone is a reason to be excited about this.

Maybe even more importantly, bringing fiber internet to Wake Forest tells the world we are innovative and ready for progress. Heck, with that type of access we could Livestream performances from the Renaissance Centre to even further its cultural impact and message.

Blazing fast internet alone is the only reason to move to Wake Forest but when you add that on top of our local quality of life and access to all the features of the Triangle area, it sure sweetens the pot.

When the fiber gigabit internet is available in Wake Forest it will cost a fraction of what companies are currently paying for slower internet connections. In fact it will be about 200 times faster than a Time Warner or CenturyLink internet connection but only be a few dollars more per month.

I cannot express enough how important it is for you to spread the word to all Wake Forest residents and especially among your local home owners associations if you have one. People need to register interest now.

The more people who register to express an interest in this service, the higher on the list your neighborhood will be when installation begins.

To register your interest in this service with RST for your area or neighborhood, click here.

Share the link to this article as widely as you can.

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