Close the Toilet Lid When Flushing or Brush With Poop. Your Choice.

Consider this a public service announcement. No matter how old you may be this story is going to be filled with good news and bad news about your bathroom and what happens in there.

The good news is if you are reading this now, your poop splattered toothbrush has not killed you yet. The bad news is if you are not closing the toilet seat lid before you flush you are unknowingly spraying your bathroom and all the stuff on your counters, with poop and anything else in your toilet.

While there may be some academic discussion about how far water droplets from your toilet spray when you flush, two feet to twenty feet, there is an average consensus that the outer reaches of your fecal shower are six feet or less. Still, for most of us our toothbrush resides within that six-foot radius. I’m gagging now.

And don’t get me started about how many germs cover your smartphone. That’s the subject of a different conversation.

For nearly all of us consuming a bit of urine spray or feces on our toothbrush won’t make us sick. We’ve done it nearly every day of our toothbrushing lives.

But you know what, now that you are more aware of the nasty toilet spray, maybe it would be a good idea to close the toilet lid before you flush. What do you say?

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  1. Ok everyone, this is my pet peeve! Whenever you possibly can, and always at my house, PLEASE put the lid down before you flush. Whether there are toothbrushes around or not, remember that after you wash your hands, you are using that towel to dry them, and touching that door knob before you leave.

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