Beware of Debt Collection and Other Financial Service Scams, Especially During PostHoliday Bill Paying Season

The Federal Communications Commission has noticed an increase in scam debt relief calls, like the one I got.

Here is the FCC statement, “The Federal Communications Commission is alerting consumers to be aware of callers falsely offering lower credit card payments or interest rates, credit card debt relief, and improved credit scores. These scams can be more common during and after the holiday season when many consumers carry more debt than at other times of year.

The FCC has received a growing number of complaints from consumers about scammers claiming that they can offer debt relief or refinancing opportunities to reduce account balances or interest rates. Some of these callers falsely claim to be monitoring the consumer’s credit or loan payment history. The victim is illegally asked for credit card numbers or personally identifiable information in false attempts to “help,” then is threatened, harassed, or intimidated if they refuse to comply with the scammer’s demands. These scammers then attempt to use the account information to make unauthorized purchases or access funds for fraudulent purposes.

If you are unclear if a caller is legitimate, hang up, look up the company’s phone number independently on your recent statement or their legitimate website, and contact them through an official number, web form or email address to see if they called you. By initiating the communication yourself, you can verify that the request for payment is legitimate.” – Source

If you have a credit or debt question you’d like to ask just use the online form. I’m happy to help you totally for free.

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