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I’m Using My University of Phoenix Bachelor Degree to Work in the Mailroom


Dear Steve,

I have a school loan that will be due in Jan. I was caring for my elderly father until he passed away and living in his apartment then when got eviction and a judgment for the rent that was due.

So I have that to pay amount 1950. anyway, I was homeless till Oct. and I am living with my son now. However, I have a temporary job I have been working since August and the contract will be over in Feb 2 2017. and I will be unemployed once again.

My question is should I file for bankruptcy or ask for another forbearance on my school loan? and how much is a bankruptcy is it expensive.

I don’t own an thing. just my clothes. My school loan if over 80,000. and they want me to pay it in jan 500 a month. and 200.00 a month with another school loan. So, I do not have the job I was hoping for one school loan was for to be Medical biller.

The other was in Marketing with University of Phoenix but when I got my diploma it was changed I called them and they said do to people can’t get jobs in Marketing then they changed it to Business Administration anyway, SO my current temporary job is working in a Mailroom opening mail. NOT The job I was hopping for. Bachelors Degree Opening Mail I am depressed. So I need help thanks in advance…



Dear Pam,

Your options really depend on if these are federal or private student loans. If you can let me know by posting your answer in the comments, I can give you more advice on options.

Maybe things have changed with the University of Phoenix but their marketing program does say it is a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in marketing. I would have to direct you back to look at the specific program your documentation says you enrolled in.

But according to the University of Phoenix, for students who completed the Bachelor of Science in Business, the job placement rate is 11% as compared to 29% across all University of Phoenix graduates in California.

Regardless, the exact degree is less important that finding the right opportunity to excel in. So post that comment and give me a bit more information, please.

Steve Rhode
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