Sunday Storms Bring Chance for Severe Weather, Tornadoes

Severe storm risk

— Sunday will be much warmer than Saturday, but lingering thunderstorms and heavy rain have the potential to produce damaging winds and isolated tornadoes later in the day.

The day will stay mostly cloudy, and the drizzle seen in the morning is likely to last into the evening hours. According to WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss, heavy rain is possible for the duration of the day.

“Two principal rounds of showers could pass through the area today, with our higher rain chances during the morning to midday,” said Moss.

“After a bit of a lull in coverage, another band of showers and potentially a few severe thunderstorms will pass through late this afternoon or evening.”

Temperatures will be on the warm side of mild, with highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s, and meteorologists are closely tracking the potential for damaging storms.

“All of our state is under at least some risk of severe storms, ranging from ‘marginal’ in the north to ‘enhanced’ in the south,” said Moss. “So far, the highest chances appear to develop during the late afternoon and evening, so plan to stay aware of weather developments today and tonight in case any warnings are required for your area.”

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