Monday, November 29, 2021

Raleigh’s ‘Garage Mahal’ Considered by Raleigh Historic District

— The ‘Garage Mahal’ is a 33-foot-tall structure in the historic Glenwood-Brooklyn neighborhood, that has pitted neighbor against neighbor. The fight landed in front of the Raleigh Historic District Commission on Thursday.

The issue started months ago when Emily Kissee and her husband said the city improperly issued the buidling permit for the structure. They claim the more than 1000 square foot building which sits 6 feet from their property is supposed to be located directly behind a house for proper permitting.

The Commission now must decide if the garage- or accessory building- is appropriate for the historic neighborhood.

The city issued a stop work order. The historic commission isn’t discussing permits or codes. They are looking at mass and location to determine if it blends in with the historic neighborhood.

The builder and new homeowners of that garage stated today that they have revised plans for the structure to make it appear less imposing. They said they just want to get back to completing the building and get on with their lives.

If the commission finds that is does fit in with the neighborhood, the fight may not be over, there is still the issue of permitting. If the commission finds it does not fit in, the builder can appeal to the board of adjustment.

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