Live in the Wake Forest General Area and Want Faster Internet?

The Town of Wake Forest just sent out the following press release below. It appears they are trying to identify areas in Town to be most likely to be served by the high-speed gigabit internet coming to our area. For more information on what this blazing fast internet opportunity means to you, read this.

"God please help all my neighbors fill out the request for gigabit fast internet service."
“God please help all my neighbors fill out the request for gigabit fast internet service in order to better serve you.”
For those who live outside the Town limits and want to be included in the consideration of having this 1,000 MB per second internet to your home, I urge you to also express your desire directly with the provider RST by filling out their request for service as well. To do that, click here. To be safe, fill out both the RST request for information and the Wake Forest survey.

Filling out the surveys does not commit you to anything other than expressing an interest.

People who live outside of the Town limits can still be eligible for the service. I encourage anyone with access to a HOA mailing list to share the link to this story and this one with neighbors. You need to put your hand up to be considered. I can’t stress how important that is.

The Town Press Release

Since its introduction less than a week ago, over 1,100 area residents have completed Wake Forest’s ‘Fiber to the Home’ survey. Officials say that’s nearly one-third the total number of responses they hope to get between now and the end of May.

Available online here, the survey will provide valuable data on the demand for fiber in Wake Forest. More specifically, it will help highlight the areas around town that show the highest concentrations of potential fiber network users.

In February the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners appointed a task force comprised of communications and computer business industry leaders to advise the town on how to bring an ultra high-speed Fiber broadband network to Wake Forest homes and businesses. As part of its charge, the task force developed the questionnaire to gauge the community’s interest in fiber service.

The survey is open through Saturday, May 31, and takes less than five minutes to complete. For more information, contact Deputy Town Manager Roe O’Donnell at 919-435-9412 or

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