Thursday, December 2, 2021

Donald Trump BS Student Loan Scare Calls On The Loose

Some lowlife student loan assistance marketers have been dialing consumers and spreading deceptive messages from 888-307-0680. Since at least November automated calls have been leaving the following message.

“This message is from the Department of Education in regards to Donald Trump becoming president, all programs for student loan forgiveness will be stopped immediately as soon as he takes office in January. In order for you to qualify you must apply within the next 24 hours or you will not be able to have your student loan payment reduced. Please contact us at 888-307-0680. The number again is 888-307-0680. Once again, you must get involved within the next 24 hours. Thank you…”

A kind reader sent in this evidence of the call from two days ago.


I previously covered changes that Trump could make after entering office. See What You Need to Know About the Trump Student Loan Forgiveness Program but nobody should take any action based on what may happen. Action should only be taken once definitive new rules are released in final form.

The call is designed to scare people into paying for something that is not needed at the moment. Don’t do it.

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