Man Charged in Fatal Shooting Outside Raleigh Home Seeks Lower Bond

Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas

— A Raleigh homeowner charged with shooting and killing a man last summer after complaining about “hoodlums” in his neighborhood was in court Friday seeking a lower bond.

Chad Cameron Copley, 39, of 3536 Single Leaf Lane, told a 911 dispatcher on Aug. 7 that he was “locked and loaded” and planned to “secure the neighborhood” because people attending a nearby house party were vandalizing the area and shouting profanities.

Investigators said Copley fired a shotgun through a window from inside his garage, striking Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas, 20, who was outside.

After the shooting, Copley’s wife called 911, and he told a dispatcher that he was “trying to protect myself and my family” because the people outside had firearms.

There has been no evidence showing that Thomas was armed or was even on Copley’s property when he was shot.