Clouds Clear for Sunny Start to Week

Our warming trend continues for Monday with an even greater rise in temperature. Yes it is a bit chilly in the morning but look how nice it should feel by lunchtime. Tuesday and Wednesday should be in the 70s!

— Sunday’s sunshine worked to warm the Triangle into the 50s, and even more spring-like days are on the way, said WRAL meteorologist Aimee Wilmoth.

“Monday will start out a bit chilly, but look how nice it should feel by lunchtime,” Wilmoth said, pointing to the forecast high of 65 degrees.

Tuesday and Wednesday will see highs in the 70s, before the chance of showers pushes the winter rollercoaster back down for the end of the week.

Morning showers are possible Wednesday and Thursday morning, but there is no heavy precipitation in the seven-day forecast, Wilmoth said.