This Happy Stuff Wears You Out

Yes, I know I’ve been slacking on new articles here on the Wake Forest News. I’m way behind on the police blotter and a whole bunch of police and fire calls have gone uncovered while I work on the Wake Forest “Happy” video. Don’t know what that is, see this.

Maybe I should not have led the story with all the things I’m not doing well right now. Probably not the smartest way to instill confidence but then again, this Wake Forest Happy dance idea is like a black hole for time but a huge labor of love.

Today I wound up shooting the video segments for the Happy dance with Cannizzaro’s Pizza, the Mayor and staff, Wake Forest Police Department, and Wake Forest Fire Department.

By the end of the day I still had a huge smile on my face. Everyone that participated appeared to have a great time. People were laughing, smiling, dancing, and feeling great about Wake Forest.

WFPD Happy

I owe a massive hat tip to Chief Leonard from the Wake Forest Police Department. I know it took a whole lot of trust to let members of the force do the video and all I can say is thank you.


To Chief Early of the Wake Forest Fire Department and Assistant Chief David Davis, another big hat tip for making the shoot happen today as well.


The Mayor of Wake Forest, Vivian Jones, has embraced this project from the moment I had this crazy idea. People ask me how I persuaded the Mayor and the answer is simple, I just asked. She was behind this from the start and had a great time with other staff members while we shot at Town Hall today.

On Thursday I’m shooting a segment at the seminary, who has also been amazing about getting behind this project. I’m also shooting a bit with Wake EMS at station 10 here in Wake Forest.

Saturday is going to be the big shooting day for all us regular peeps and I oscillate between worrying nobody will show and too many people for me to manage will appear. That’s normal, right?

For those that are planning to come out Saturday, when you are not dancing, organizational volunteers are welcome to make sure everyone gets directions and doesn’t feel like they are standing around not knowing what is going on.

For everyone that sent me an email at and asked to be on the email notification list, I’ll send out one last email before Saturday with how to find me and how to let me know you can volunteer to keep things moving on Saturday.

The shooting schedule is on the bottom of this post.

And there are more awesome shots coming up for the video. Surprises galore.

If you and your family and friends can make it out on Saturday to dance, my heartfelt thanks and I’m honored to have your help and participation.

For those that wanted to come out but couldn’t for some reason, I appreciate the good wishes and positive energy sent my way.

And for those people who thought this was a dumb idea, you’re probably right. But if you’ve been reading the Wake Forest News, when did that ever stop me?

One thing is a dead honest fact, the Wake Forest area and Town is pretty damn impressive and a true gem of a place to call home. Y’all are awesome.


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