Triangle’s First Mobile Florist: ‘Business Is Blooming’

— Building on the success of the area’s food truck boom, Amanda Malone started the Triangle’s first mobile florist shop: Petals on the Go.

“Business is blooming, so far we’ve been really well-received,” she said. “And people do come and say ‘are you selling food? We think you’re a smoothie truck.'”

Malone said she loves it too. She’s proud her of her effort, and she hopes the success of her woman-owned business can inspire others.

“The story of the little flower truck,” Malone said. “Just trying something. Maybe you’re going to fail, but maybe you’re going to do really well. If you want to spend your time doing what you want to do, and enjoy doing, you should just go out there and try it.”

On a day when love is in the air, Malone said she feels certain she is making the world a little better, a little brighter and just a bit more beautiful.

“I get to give someone something that you know they are going to give away and make someone’s day, or brighten someone’s world, not just Valentine’s, but all the time.”