Auto Fraud Attorney That Sues Car Dealers for Selling Cars with Frame Damage

Selling a car with frame damage can be very dangerous to the safety of the driver. When a frame is damaged and the car experiences an accident, the car’s ability to absorb impact and keep the driver from serious injury is severely compromised. When structural integrity is not maintained, important functions such as air bags may fail to work in a timely fashion and endanger the driver’s safety.

Anyone who bought a used car with frame damage can hire an auto fraud attorney to pursuit a lawsuit. If the car dealer did not disclose facts about the car having frame damage or a vehicle history showing that the car was involved in an accident which caused frame damage, then the car owner probably have a case. Consumer Action Law Group auto fraud attorney has helped many innocent car buyers sue car dealership for unlawful frame damage car sales.

Consumer Action Law Group is a consumer law firm dedicated to fight against auto dealers that lie to consumers. The auto fraud attorneys of Consumer Action Law Group understand the danger of undisclosed frame damage car sales and help auto fraud victims return the car back to the dealership, cancel the contract and get their money back.

By seeking legal help from Consumer Action Law Group, car owner will have the option to return any undisclosed frame damaged car to the dealer and get their money back. In some cases, if the car frame damage causes injury or a car accident, their auto fraud attorney can pursue a personal injury lawsuit as well as a fraud claim against the dealer.

When hiring an auto fraud attorney, the chance of winning the case will increase significantly. When the dealership is proven to have knowingly sold buyer a vehicle that is frame damaged, car buyer can get all their money back. Pauliana Laura, a senior auto fraud attorney of the group stated, “No one should be locked into a deal or drove a car that is unfavorable and potentially dangerous to them.”

Before file a claim, the auto fraud attorneys of Consumer Action Law Group often researches the car’s history to find out whether it has been in an accident. If it is proven that the car dealer sold a car with frame damage, then buyer will have a strong case against the car dealer.

The auto fraud attorneys of Consumer Action Law Group pursues auto fraud lawsuits on a contingency basis; also called “no win no fee lawyers”. In most cases, their dealer fraud attorney does not collect fees from buyers, instead they charge the car dealer for attorney fees when the case is settled.

Anyone who have bought a vehicle with frame damage, contact the dealer fraud attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group. They will work tirelessly to ensure auto fraud victims receive the settlement that they are entitled to.

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