Chance of Sprinkles Wednesday, Bizarrely-Warm Temps to Remain

7-Day Forecast

— Bizarrely-warm February temperatures will continue this week and weekend, said WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel.

“Forecast for tonight looks like it will be mainly cloudy at mid-40s to around 50 with considerable cloud cover, a few sprinkles or light showers,” Fishel said.

There will be a chance of rain Wednesday mainly in the Triangle area and to the north and west. Highs will be in the mid 60s.

“Back into the 70s Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the possibility of showers Saturday afternoon and a cooler Sunday at 58, but it doesn’t stay cool long,” Fishel said

Fishel said the only cool weather in the near future will be over the weekend.

“A cold front will come through,” Fishel said. “It’s going to get us back within striking distance of normal. It won’t be frigid, but you will notice it Saturday night and Sunday.”

Temperatures will be right back in the 70s by next Tuesday and Wednesday.

“After that cooling Monday and Sunday, it’s another warm week coming in from the south and the west.”